Firestone PPD Official Wastes Acid on Peaceful Citizen

-As Vitim Cries for Help

By Moses M. Jallah | October 10, 2013

An officer of the Plantation Protection Department (PPD) for the Firestone Robber company operating in Liberia has allegedly being accused of wasting acid on resident of the plantation.
According to Mr. Emmanuel Kollie who is a direct victim said the Firestone Plantation protection Division PPD Officer wanted to kill him.

Mr. Emmanuel Kollie who is currently in Monrovia attending medical treatment, said they were three in number when the Plantation protection department (PPD) officer caught them at the hour of 4:00am while going to make arrangement for cold water, which is the business they are involved with.

He added that the PPD officer claimed that it was his commander, Nathaniel Tamba who toke the Acid water and wasted it on his body telling me, “Today I will deal will you,” Mr. Kollie quoted the PPD officer.

The officer said “he was arresting us because of walking at that time in the robber plantation, and they are to protect the plantation and being in the robber plantation at that time we needed to be arrested for investigation.”

According to him, they were arrested by patrolmen of the Plantation Protection Division and were taken to Depot level one (1) in Harbel, Margibi County. They were later released and told him to go and treat himself and later the treatment management is going to investigate the matter.

He further said since that time no action has been taken by the Liberia National Police and the Catholic Justice Peace Commission (JPC) to whom he forwarded his complaint.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kollie is again calling on the Catholic Justice Peace Commission (JPC) to quickly intervene into the matter. “I’m suffering, I’m dying, and I need help,” victim Kollie cried out.
Notwithstanding when we contacted the Public Relations Office of the Plantation, Mr. Rufus Cokom via mobile phone, said he was going to call, but since then there has been no response.