GoL cracks down on protesters

Tension in Liberia as Liberian government carries out massive arrests
-Engages in repression of protests

By Kai Toteh | October 10, 2013

It has been reported in Monrovia that dozens of people were arrested the day of President Sirleaf’s arrival. On Tuesday, October 8, 2013, the group of young men who were riding around Monrovia, in pickup trucks and playing “Monkey come down” music and calling on Liberians to go out on Wednesday to call for the President’s resignation werr arrested by the Liberian National Police.

And realizable sources in Monrovia told reporters it is likely more arrests are expected in connection with protest organized by campaigners calling for President to resign amid rampant corruption and slow pace of development in the country.

According to our Monrovia correspondent, police had not given the names of those arrested, but report from our correspondent said that among those arrested was the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) youth leader, Mulbah Morlu, even though CDC is not part of the campaign according to George Weah.

Authorities at the Liberian National Police Headquarters refused to talk to reporters, but CDC’s Morlu was picked up at CDC Headquarters in Congo Town, on the day of President Sirleaf’s arrival on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

In a related development, CDC's youth leader, Jefferson Kojee is on the run after police raided his home to arrest him for his recent revelation that certain elements had plan to assassinate Ellen Sirleaf.

Meanwhile, the tension is Monrovia has not subsided as Ellen-come-down supporters vow to resist government harassment. Those calling for the resignation of the president have vowed to continue their campaign despite numerous arrests in their ranks by the Liberian National Police.

In another development, Liberians are being overwhelmed by fear of increasing instability, after University of Liberia Grand Gedeh Student Union issued a press release saying President Sirleaf will not be given a friendly welcome to their county to attend the peace conference if she failed to intervene to free their kinsmen.

It has also been reported in Monrovia that the Liberian government spent US$1million for President Sirleaf’s welcome ceremony. This included mobilization expenses and money paid to people and for transportation. Government offices were closed at noon during President Sirleaf’s arrival.