Cellcom launches tower in Konobo

November 18, 2013

Grand Gedeh County:-The town of Konobo in Grand Gedeh County came alive over the weekend as Cellcom launched the first telecommunications network in that part of the country for the first time in close to a decade. Hundreds of residents from the district were joined by dignitaries and representatives from partner organizations at the launching and ribbon cutting ceremony held on Friday, November 15, 2013.

Over the course of the past month, Cellcom erected and began operating a new tower in Konobo District, Grand Gedeh County, through an innovative partnership with the US based health group Tiyatian Health (TH).

Through the partnership, which is endorsed by the Clinton Global Initiative, the new tower will allow frontline health workers of Tiyatian Health to use mobile telecommunications devices to provide lifesaving health care to thousands of mothers in very remote parts of Grand Gedeh County.

The success of the partnership and its impact on Konobo was highlighted in a recent Forbes Magazine article. The article notes, “Punjabi [founder of TH] has partnered with major Liberian mobile phone company Cellcom…Last Mile’s frontline health workers now have cellphones that allow them to call ambulances (often in the form of dirt bikes, speeding the rate of emergency care) and get consultations on treatment.”

In a statement last week, Raj Punjabi said:  “the challenge was huge….this was not a place that was a natural place for a Telecom company to go to. It took courage and it took risk to go there.

And Cellcom, under Avishai Marziano’s leadership and the leadership of the executive team, really stepped up in trying to help solve this gap. They came to the table with an amazing partnership to bring Konobo’s first mobile network in about a decade and I’m happy to report that we have been able to see this dream come alive. Now never again will somebody have to die because they cannot call for help.”

The event in Konobo was graced by the Superintendent of Sinoe, Hon. Peter L. Solo, The Statutory Superintendent, Mr. Patrick Bowah, Paramount Chief, Joseph Tarlue along with several chiefs, commissioners, and county officials.