91.5% public primary students are over age

News Release | January 7, 2014

Liberian over-age students

Statistics produced by the Ministry of Education (MOE) shows that 91.5 percent of all students at the public primary level in the country are overage.

According to the Ministry’s 2013 annual school census report, of the 373,722 total primary student population, 342,117 are overage, representing 91.5 percent of the total number of primary school students.

The report says males make up 181,172 of the overage primary school population, while females constitute 160,945 of the same group.

In its analysis, the Education Ministry said 85 percent of all primary school students in each of Liberia’s 15 political sub-divisions are over age with Margibi County accounting for 7,022 compared to Nimba County with 61,985, the highest.

Montserrado has 61,130 over age primary students, while Bong accounts for 32,827 and Lofa County with 30,129.

In River Gee 98.5 percent of the primary school student are over age, while in Grand Keu 96.5 of the primary student are above the required age and Rivercess is 97.1 percent.

The over age population nationally is 91.3 for females and 91.7 for males. The MOE report noted that the statistics is an indication that of every 10 primary students, 9 can be considered older than the required age for primary education.