Top Liberian Government Officials accused of drug dealing


By: Alfred Gezaye | January 6, 2014

District #8 Representative Moses Acarus Gray has reiterated calls to have officials of government tested for drugs in the country.

Representative Gray said he believes that if tests are done the use and sales of drugs in the country will be curtailed.

Speaking in Monrovia Monday, January 6, 2014, the Montserrado County lawmaker accused Police Director Chris Massaquoi and National Security Agency boss, Fomah Sirleaf and others in the security apparatus of being involved in the use and sales of drugs in Liberia.

Lawmaker Gray said it is an open challenge that if the tests are done and none of those he accused are caught he will resign his position as District #8 Representative.

“Drugs test is not a law; it is a concern and if this concern is taken into consideration and executed I can guarantee you that the law will apply.”

He said they have talked to their international partners and those they talked to have a concern but will not go about arresting people, because they do not have such ability under their jurisdiction.  It is the courts of this land that have such authority, the representative said.

Representative Gray said those who are to fight this sickness themselves have to be free of drugs.

He said this government can step up the law to make drugs non billable offense, but those who have direct responsibility to arrest people take drugs themselves so, according to him it makes it hard to fight this crime.

Representative Gray said the problem in Liberia is not with the law, but is with those who go after what he calls elementary people who take in drugs in Liberia.

He alleged that there are people in the security apparatus who speak to them knowing that some of their bosses are involved in drugs use and trafficking but do not have the courage to say it because they may be dismissed from their jobs.   

Representative Gray said these people are not protected. Therefore, he wants the President to preserve the whistle blower act for its execution and hopes she says something about it during her state of the nation address.  

He said whistle blowers are not protected, because an executive order lasted for only a year, which he said is the whistle blower act.

The Police Director on Sunday, January 5, 2014 announced to the public that a team of Highway Patrol 62 intercepted a black Nissan X-Terra, Plate NG 2143, operated by patrolman Samwon Doe with a huge quantity of drugs.

Patrolman Samwon Doe, of the Police Support Unit, was arrested Sunday, 5 January along the Bomi Highway with 145 kilograms of marijuana worth about L$966,000.00 Police Director Massaquoi said two unidentified occupants of the vehicle are on the run.

Inspector General Massaquoi said the two occupants, who were riding with Officer Doe, suddenly disembarked the vehicle after they recognized the Police mobile, thereby creating suspicion, which led to the immediate search of the car.

At the same time, the police authority has with immediate effect dismissed Officer Samwon Doe from the LNP and turned him over to the Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) for further investigation.

This brings to two the latest incident involving police officers directly caught smuggling cannabis.

On November 9, 2013 the government joint security forces arrested the commander of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's escort motorcade division Perry Dolo of the Liberia National Police while smuggling marijuana from neighboring Sierra Leone to Liberia.