Liberians welcome Robert Sirleaf’s resignation! Mixed Views on CallS for audit and prosecution

By Kai Toteh

Monrovia – Minutes after the press briefing by President Sirleaf, during which time she read and circulated her son’s resignation letter, radio stations broke the news in brief followed by reactions from Liberians.

Robert Sirleaf
Robert Sirleaf

Robert Sirleaf resigned from all two of his top posts: National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) Board Chairmanship and Adviser to the President, respectively.

Radio talk shows then took to the airwaves to get views of citizens on the resignation of Robert Sirleaf. Ninety five percent of the hundreds of callers who called in said Robert Sirleaf’s resignation was long overdue, but it was a matter of time before he could go, and thank God he has left, some callers said.

Others said he must be audited and prosecuted if his financial records show any form of embezzlement, while he was serving in the two top positions for years. But others said Robert Sirleaf did not resign voluntarily. Instead, some callers said he resigned under pressure and it could be he got what he wanted.

The resignation of Robert Sirleaf seems to be in correlation with calls from some Liberians for the resignation of President Sirleaf.

Robert Sirleaf’s resignation dominated newspapers’ headlines over the last several days in Monrovia. Debate on what is next following his resignation continues in Monrovia, the nation’s capital.