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Mob Justice Continues in Monrovia

Victim of mob justice v
This man was found dead on New Georgia Road last month. Police only identified him as “Body man.” (Photo: Kai Toteh)

Despite several calls by the International Community and major stakeholders including U.N. Security Council for Liberia to put its criminal justice system in order, mob justice continues in in the country, particularly in the nation’s capital Monrovia.  

A body of a man (“Body Man”) believed to be in his early 20’s was in the early hours of the day dumped in the middle of New Georgia Road in the Gardnersville Township.
During a press conference, marking her end of duty, former U.N. representative to Liberia, Ellen Lol told journalists that she was not happy with Liberia’s justice system, saying genuine peace and security is dependent upon effective judicial system.

Since Liberia began the process of restoring democracy, reconstruction and law and order, there have been several incidents of mob justice around the country.

The recent dead body is yet to be properly identified, and no suspects or cause of death has been established, though police, based on speculation, said he was a criminal, and he was a victim of mob justice.

Residents who went on the scene were differed on why “Body Man” was killed. Others said he was a victim of robbery or was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Police at the crime scene refused to talk to the press.

Some citizens our correspondent spoke said mob justice can be attributed to police failure to properly handle criminal cases, saying that police don’t turn over suspects to courts, and suspects usually go back in the streets when they are turned over to police.

With reporting By Kai Toteh in Monrovia