Motorcyclists Banned from plying Monrovia's main streets

As pedestrians anticipate pressed commuting time

By: Bill E. Diggs | November 5, 2013

Motorcyclists in Monrovia
Traffic in Monrovia on a typical working day

Monrovia:- The banning of motorcycles plying the main streets of Monrovia has received mixed reactions from pedestrians who now anticipate delays in their commuting time.

“There is always some form of traffic in this city and the motorcycles have been an extreme help in getting to places on time. Now they are being pushed out of the city; the push pull for cars on Broad Street just got tougher,” Mrs. Valerie Berry a car owner stated.

Although she expressed remorse that commuting will become harder, Mr. Berry said that she could not blame anyone for the banning of motorcycles major streets to community roads because of the reckless riding some motorcyclists exhibit.

“I think that it is necessary that the boys be placed on the outskirt of town so that the motorcycle casualty can reduce. I just can’t stand how they maneuver in the traffic,” she said.

Mrs. Berry’s view was opposed by another pedestrian, Alfred Mehnyon who said he believes that government people had plans to place more pressures on the movement of people and goods.

“From this whole thing that they are talking, we already know their strategy. They want to make transportation harder on us,” Mr. Mehnyon said.

He said he believes that the motorbikes must be in the city to buttress the ‘limited cars providing transportation services to the people.’

A commercial motorcyclists, Aaron Jackson Speaking to INSIGHT, said the limitation they have been given could put them out of business because activities in Liberia are more concentrated in the city.

“Imagine all the bikes in this town are going to be on the community roads. It will be a tough time for us and there will always be a rush and the accident that people are giving as a reason to put us out of town will always happen. It is just the matter of blessing,” motorcyclist Jackson said.

Meanwhile, some other motorcyclists had threatened demonstration which the police could address through the most people-friendly demonstration control method.