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Deaths of Motorcyclists Raise Tensions in Monrovia

Prevalent rate of motorbikes’ riders’ accidental deaths is creating tension in Monrovia

The U.S. school buses now in use for transportation in Liberia are referred to as yellow busses. The yellow buses are widely considered instrument for alleviating transportation problem for the poor, meaning that they take more people than motorbikes, mini buses and taxis combined in Monrovia.

Motorcylists navigate traffic in downtown Morovia

But that changed on Monday, the first day of the week of September, when Monrovians were caught by surprise when they got bin the streets as usual to ride to their various destinations.

The September 1st rain day was uncompromising to the hundreds of people who got stranded in the streets around Monrovia. Not too many people knew what had happened until the news began widely spreading that yellow buses’ owners and operators were on strike, because they have been constantly accused by the government, motorbikes’ riders and the people of hitting and killing motorbikes’ riders.

A yellow bus had run over a motorbike driver a day before on Somalia Drive near Iron Factory in Gardnersville.

Meanwhile, according to unreliable sources, the government of Liberia, after probing into prevalent rate of motorbikes’ riders accidental deaths decided to let motorbikes run in communities.

Details coming soon as the nation waits the announcement of result for yesterday’s meeting among Motorbikes riders’ representatives, yellow buses representatives and police authorities.   

With reporting from Monrovia by Kai Toteh