New Georgia Community Water Source Contaminated

-Residents cry foul and call for help

By Kai Toteh | October 24, 2013

Broken Handpump Above is the left was the only hand pump that more than five thousand residents depended on for drinking water. It broke due to over-crowdedness.

More than five thousand residents in the New Georgia Gulf One Community area were shocked Wednesday afternoon, when they found human feces in the well they use daily for washing, bathing, cooking and other usages apart from drinking, after their lone hand pump broke weeks ago. There is no suspect and no police report made up to press time.

The well is used to cater to pigs by a resident known as Wilfred Perkins. But residents began to use it following the breakdown of their only hand pump, which was provided by an NGO in collaboration with a local community engineer.

Residents in the area told The Voice of Liberia that an unidentified person whom they referred to as witch or wizard took advantage of the busy hours of adults and children at school and work, to deliberately throw a plastic bag full of toilet into the only well they depended on as a substitute for the hand pump that is awaiting repair.

Contaminated well
Residents began to fetch water from this well for cooking, washing and bathing.

Wilfred Perkins, owner of the well said, “This is very bad. We all depended on this well to do one or two things. This is a complete witchcraft activity.”

Another resident, Moses Kargba said, “This is a bad thing. Now we don’t have anywhere nearby to get water.”

Meanwhile, a community elder and one of the community leaders, Mr. Jackson Karr is calling on government and nongovernmental organizations to come to the aid of the residents, most of whom are children. He told The Voice of Liberia that the residents are in desperate need of safe drinking water. When asked what happened to the hand pump, he said, one hand pump serving more than five thousand residents, what you expect. “It is hard to control. People, especially children fight over it; use it roughly because it is only one. So, it cannot last. Every week it broke down until it finally went to zero, no more water.”
Residents began to fetch water from this well for cooking, washing and bath.

Mr. Jackson Karr
Jackson Karr, community elder and leader, is calling for help on behalf of residents.

Karr said residents of the community are presently without drinking water. Residents, especially children could be in danger of water related diseases mainly diarrhea. He said what happened to the well is a very wicked act, but said he frowns on community and District #13 leaders who ignore everything concerning the community.

District #13 Representative Saah Joseph lives three miles from Gulf One Community. According to some residents, Gulf One Community was instrumental in the election of Saah Joseph, but he has since abandoned the community, some residents including one of his campaign managers told The Voice of Liberia.

Mr. Karr is not sure when the community's lone hand pump will be fixed and no plans whatsoever to assure residents safe drinking water will be restored soon or again. He said one hand pump cannot serve the community and even if repaired, will not last long.