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Residents of New Georgia Gulf Complain of BAd Road

-Blame Representative Saah Joseph.

New Georgia Gulf residents have expressed concern over the deplorable condition of their road. They hold District 13 representative, Saah Joseph responsible.

New Georgia Gulf residents, in an exclusive interview with our correspondent, said Honorable Joseph dumped a pile of dirt with the intention to reconditioning it but failed to use expertise, thus making the road inaccessible to vehicles and motorbikes. Residents find it difficult to walk on foot, too.

Jackson Carr, black smith and resident of that area, said, “The road was alright until the representative dumped the “red dirt.”

Chris Nyantee, student of the University of Liberia, and resident of   New Georgia Gulf, said, “We know the road is bad, and yes the representative spoiled it. We can help to fix it instead of complaining.“

Elijah Kinston, a former campaign manager to Rep. Saah, and a resident of the area, said, “The road was better until Rep. Joseph put dirt on the road.”

Duana Mulbah, a trader and resident of the area said, “The road was good until Rep Saah put dirt.  We want him to fix his blunder. He dumped red dirt on the road and failed to visit the area.”

Adolphus Koffa, a professor and resident of the area, said, “The road should have remained what it was, the representative spoiled it by putting dirt. He should take the blame.”  

Our reporter made several attempts to reach Representative Joseph to get his side of the story. Our reporter left several messages including a note and a phone number, but all attempts failed.

Meanwhile, residents of New Georgia Gulf have been holding meetings to discuss their road condition, and Rep. Joseph has been invited to the next meeting scheduled for the second week in August.

With reporting from Monrovia by Kai Toteh