New Georgia, Gulf Road gets a facelift, Residents laud John Davis’s family

By Kai Toteh | December 18, 2013

Monrovia:- The residents of New Georgia, Gulf on the outskirt of Gardnersville have lauded Mr. John B.S. Davis III, President of Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) and his wife for singlehandedly reconditioning their road. The road, though has no name, connects Gulf residents to the New Georgia Estate.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Mr. Peter Mulbah, chairman for the Block D area, said the community is grateful to John Davis and family for the undertaking of the road, which was in a very deplorable condition. He said the Davis’s family came down to the people. He said, “Let others follow John Davis and family’s example.”

For his part, former Campaign Manager for District #13 Representative Saah H. Joseph, Mr. Elijah Kingston said on behalf of the community he appreciates the effort of the Davis’s family for making their road much better. He dismissed the notion of some residents that John Davis has a political motive, adding, “Davis did what he did for humanitarian purpose.

Mr. Kingston told The Voice of Liberia, what Mr. Davis did for the community is selfless and a show of concern for the community and its residents, adding, “The road was messed up by Saah H. Joseph, Representative of District #13, in Montserrado County.

Mr. Kingston, however, is urging the Davis’s family to extend the undertaking to other parts of District #13.

The New Georgia, Gulf Road was in a very bad shape during the rainy season. Because of deplorable condition, the road was almost not accessible to pedestrians, vehicles and motorbikes. Residents of the area then accused Representative Saah H. Joseph for being responsible for the condition of the road. According to the residents, Rep. Joseph dumped a huge pile of red dirt on the road and left the road unfixed. All efforts by the residents to have him reconditioned the road were fruitless.

Meanwhile, there are some mixed reactions in some quarters concerning the fixing of the road. Some residents said, though they are happy with what the Davis’s family did, what they needed more to be fixed was the hand pump. The residents’ only hand pump was damaged last October, and has since not been repaired or replaced. For the past two months some residents including babies are drinking well water.

Our reporter tried to talk to Mr. Davis, but he could not get hold of him because of his tight busy schedule over the weekend.