Patriots Alliance of Liberia wants reform policy for civil servants removed

Says it’s not in their interest

Press Release | December 1, 2013

Patriot Alliance of Liberia, in a press release yesterday is calling on the Civil Service Agency to remove the reform policy because it is not in the interest of civil servants. The Director General, Hon. George Wonder has decided to re-implement the civil servant reform policy, but the reform policy does not seek to increase servants’ salaries, the release signed Patriots Alliance of Liberia Executive Director Korva M. Jorgbor, said.

According to the release, the Executive Branch presented the 2013/2014 Fiscal year budget to the National Legislature leaving the increment of civil servants salaries out and the lawmakers were comfortable and raised no qualm about the plights of their constituents in the civil servants.

Instead, the release continues, the budget that was passed will only benefit members of the House of Representatives by the allotment of huge salaries and allowances.

The release quoted Hon. Wonder as saying most of the Civil Servants are not effective and efficient in implementing their duties. Mr. Wonder, according to the release, said the reason most of the servants are not effective is reason they play computer games in their various offices while employees are occupying the same positions.

Since 2006, according to press release, Unity Party (UP) led government speaks of downsizing the work force of government employees by retirement, redundancy, and ghost names and etc.

The release said the thrust of the government civil servant reform policy is to right-size the civil servant, increases the salaries and improves the condition of bona fide civil servants; improves the capacity of civil servants in order to deliver quality goods and provides efficient and effective service to the people of Liberia.

The release said government implemented the reform policy, which is the “right-sizing” aspect and it was implemented under the direct supervision of the former Civil Service Agency (CSA) Director General, Dr. William Allen.

The release said as of today, the condition of the civil servant is yet to be improved. The civil servants are underpaid, there is huge disparity on the GOL pay-roll (that is salaries are not paid according to classes); no capacity building for majority of the civil servants to enable them be effective and efficient; allowances are given to employees on the basis of favoritism and nepotism.

Notwithstanding, the release continues, steps taken in this direction in some ministries and agencies of government were rather the replacement of people on the basis of mostly favoritism, nepotism and party affiliation without it being done on consideration of merit and experience.

The release said the Executive branch, the GOL payroll needs cleaning, but the executive failed to know that it is the one that continues to increase the GOL payroll by employing family members, friends, loved ones and partisans. “It can be recorded that during 2011, presidential and general elections, president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf told her cabinet ministers including all junior ministers to employ two (2) Unity Party (UP) partisans with no consideration of merit and experience, the release said.

“We strongly believe that the reimplementation of the Civil Service Reform Policy at this time will not solve the problem because the senior and junior government officials (Disinters and Director Generals) are the ones that are responsible for the increment of GOL Payroll. We believe that such act/behavior of senior government officials is corruption, the UP led government spoke of corruption being her greater enemy. We strongly believe that this government is not transparent, efficient and effective in the fight of corruption.

My fellow Liberians, let’s beware of hidden agenda for the hustle for the largest steak of the elephant meat (UP led government) by unscrupulous officials of government, the release concluded.