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Rodney Sieh is under pressue to apologize

Medical condition may be worsening...

Newspapers publishers, editors, individual journalists, Press Union official; civil society organizations and Media United to Enhance Democracy are asking Front Page Africa’s managing editor, Rodney Sieh to apologize to Christopher Toe, so that he may be released from prison.

Rodney Sieh enroute to Prison back in 2010

The court sentenced Sieh to prison for failure to pay damages resulting from a defamation of character involving Christopher Toe.  At the same time, media owners are calling for the immediate release of their colleagues. The two statements by the Press Union seem to baffle some

Liberians are unsure as to what is PUL’s actual stand is regarding Sieh’s plight.  After seven days of incarceration at the Monrovia Central Prison, Sieh maintains his stance that he owes no one an apology, because according to him, he committed no wrong.

FrontPageAfrica, in one of it reports in 2009, reported that Christopher Toe was indicted by the General Auditing Commission (GAC), which was headed by former Auditor General, John Morlu. In that report, the commission held Toe for corruption and financial impropriety, because Toe, the commission said misapplied funds entrusted to him to fight army worms in Bong and Lofa Counties.

Meanwhile, Rodney Sieh has been admitted at a local hospital in downtown Monrovia. Investigation is under way to authenticate Sieh’s health status. Rodney may be suffering from an infection due to poor sanitary conditions at the Monrovia Central Prison or he could be suffering from malnutrition from an alleged hunger strike.

With reporting from Monrovia by Kai Toteh