University of Liberia Faculty Protest Provost

As faculty threaten to halt activities if provost doesn’t resigned

By: Bill E. Diggs | November 21, 2013

Monrovia:-Amid students’ protests against perceived lapses within the University of Liberia (UL) administration, faculty of the institution has threatened to lay down their chalks if the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Dr. Wade Elliott Brownell, don’t resign.

The faculty’s position was made known yesterday by Mr. J. Clifford Young, President of the UL Faculty Association (ULFA) who claimed that Dr. Brownell was incompetent and had a problematic and compulsive attitude.

“The call for the resignation of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is predicated upon her incompetence and problematic and compulsive attitude, culminating into continual and uncontrollable chaos on the campuses of the University of Liberia,” Mr. Young said.

He told journalists at a press conference that the call for Dr. Brownell’s resignation had the support of all faculty members who attended an emergency meeting yesterday and expressed desire to disengage all activities on the universities four campuses until their concerns were addressed.

“The University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) has unanimously agreed and resolved to disengage from all activities on the four campuses of the University until all issues, including the immediate and unconditional resignation of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, upward salary adjustment, poor working conditions, plight of the students and support staff are adequately and satisfactorily addressed,” he stated while addressing news conference.

He noted that for them as faculty to take their issue to the press meant that the matter was grave to an extent that needs immediate attention.

Mr. Young described Dr. Brownell as a “demon unleashed on the university” with an insatiable desire to foment conflict which led to poor coordination and infighting between her office and the Vice President for Fiscal Affairs and Finance Office thus causing untold hardship on faculty members.

In a resolution coming out of the faculty’s emergency meeting, they stated that Dr. Brownell had “embarked on arbitrary and unilateral dismissals of faculty members based on instructions [written] on sticky pads.”

The resolution further blamed Dr. Brownell for the irregularities in the UL’s 2013 entrance and placement exams which brought the institution to public ridicule and disrepute.

Amid all the allegations levied against Dr. Brownell, a corps of reporters visited her office on the campus of the University of Liberia to know her position, but staff in her office referred to Dr. Momolu Getaway, Vice President for UL Relations to speak to the issue.

Having sat in the office of Dr. Getaway for about an hour while he went to convince her to speak to the press, he returned and told the reporters present that the allegation were all fallacious.

Madam Brownell, however, ignored the reporters’ due diligence and did not grant the interview to speak on her own behalf.

Efforts to reach Dr. Brownell on her mobile number was futile as the number was switched off up to press time.