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Unfair Labor Practices at Dura Plast

Workers complain of cheap labor and other abuses at Dura Plast

Workers of Dura Plast have been complaining about unfair labor practices by the management. Dura Plast, which is located in Iron Factory, Gardnersville, is the producer of plastic household products: buckets, pans, bowls, plates, and others related household plastic materials.

The workers, ten in number, who spoke to our reporter at separate times, refused to disclose their names for fear of reprisal, said their complain represents all workers at Dura Plast, saying that they all are not satisfied with working conditions at the factory.

Among the unfair labor practices the workers accused the management of include abuse of their labor or cheap labor; (their pay is sixty US dollars per month); and is much delayed. Others include no sick leave, no compensation for workers’ injuries on the job, unfairness over-time pay, and unfair vacation among others.

According to the workers, they have been complaining for a long time now, but management is not paying attention to their complaint in which all the conditions are listed for redress. The workers said Labor Union received several complaints, too, but each time Labor Union’s representatives visit the facility, the representatives meet only the management and leave afterward without providing any further information.

But the workers said, on two occasions, Labor Union’s representatives have arranged meetings to be held among the three parties, which include the workers, Labor Union representatives and the management. Two of the meetings were cancelled by management, demanding workers to go to work. Labor Union did not react to the cancellation, the workers said.

Several attempts were made to get management’s side of the story, but management is always said to be busy. Labor Union representatives are always not available to talk to the press.

With reporting from Monrovia by Kai Toteh