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15-year old makeS her community proud

Community praises 15-year-old high school graduate

A community in the New Georgia Gulf Area has over the weekend praised Miss Joetta C. Paye, 15, for her outstanding performance in her academic work over the years leading to her graduation from St. Michael Catholic High School on August 9, 2013.

The graduation celebration program was held on August 18, 2013 at the residence of the Paye Family. Miss Paye did not only pass the school final exams, but also made it in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) regional test. 

Addressing invitees, who comprised community members, Neighbors, friends, relatives and admirers, she told the crowd, “I am grateful to the Almighty God and thanks to my friends who turned out today to celebrate with me.” Miss Paye said, “I appreciate my parents especially my mother. She was with me during studious times. She encouraged me to do my best. “

Miss Paye presented a gift to her mother in appreciation for the many sacrifices her mother made.

Concluding her brief but touching speech, Miss Paye appreciated her father for the love he had shown her over the years during her high school journey. She said, “I thank him for being there.”

Most people took personal interest in Miss Paye graduation from high School because of the age at which she graduated.

In post war Liberia it is rare to see a 15-yeard-old child graduate from high School. Most Liberian students are above ages for their various classes. A good number of students who are in the same age as Miss Paye are sitting in 3rd grade, while some students would graduate from high school at ages 25 and above.

With reporting from Monrovia by Kai Toteh